Conspiracy Crimes Of The Illuminati: David Icke | True Crime Podcast 33

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Shaun Attwood

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Shared July 24, 2019

David Icke on everything from Julian Assange and Iran to the deaths of Princess Di and JFK.
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David Icke was most generous with his time answering these 10 important questions:
1 Why was Julian Assange targeted and what’s in store? Starts at beginning
2 Why does the US want to invade Iran? Starts at 12 mins 11 secs
3 Who was behind 9/11 and why? @ 26.11
4 Who killed JFK and why? @ 47
5 Madeline McCann, Jimmy Saville and elite paedophile rings
6 Who killed Princess Di and why? @ 1.36.11
7 Why was Alex Jones de-platformed? @ 1.53
8 What is the global-warming scam? @ 2.08.41
9 What is the over-vaccination scam? @ 2.24
10 The war on drugs and pot legalisation @ 2.54

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