Stuck In The Middle With You - Cover (Feat. Reina and Toni)

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Josh Turner Guitar

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Shared August 12, 2018

Originally by Stealers Wheel. We got to play our first show with these two this past Friday, and we had a little extra time the day of, so we decided to put this tune together. This was a pretty last minute thing (Cheers to Toni for getting the slide part down day of!) but we had fun, anyway.

Gear rundown:
Electric: MIM telecaster -- Fender Blues Jr - sE Voodoo VR2
Acoustic: 1965 Gibson B45-12 - sE8
Bass: Fender J-Bass (LaBella Deep Talkin' Flats) - ART PRO MPA II
Cajon: Meinl Bass Cajon - AKG D112/ Shure Unisphere 1
Vocals: Lead - sE2200a - ART Pro MPA II; Backing: Blue Encore 100 (x2)
DAC: Zoom UAC-8
edited in Pro Tools, mastered to cassette on a Tascam Portastudio 424 Mk II
Filmed on a Canon EOS 200D