Fallout 76 Gets More Non-Cosmetic Microtransactions For Its Cosmetic Store

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Jim Sterling

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Shared July 19, 2019

Fallout 76 is getting another non--cosmetic item for its premium store. The same premium store that Bethesda defended as a mere seller of "cosmetic" items.

Scrap Kits will join Repair Kits as yet another convenience Bethesda is selling at a premium. Yet another solution to a problem the company created.

Lugging junk around the world to find a workstation to scrap it at is a pain in the hole for a game in which collecting and scrapping junk is the point.

The whole "time saver" and "convenience" angle many microtransactions take is a total con. Their pettiness lets people ignore them, but make no mistake - it's a scam.

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