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Shared May 28, 2019

In this episode of BlacktipH, I travel to Texas to go sight fishing for the largest gar species in the world, the alligator gar. These fish are prehistoric and have been around since the dinosaurs! Kyle aka “The Fish Whisperer,” Henry Martin from Catching Dinosaurs, and I went searching on a river for a monster 200lb alligator gar. I used a drone to help search for these giant fish on the surface. Immediately, we spotted a giant garfish swimming twenty feet from the bank. We pitched a filet of carp to the fish, and it ate grabbed it! I fought the fish for about thirty seconds before it managed to get dehooked. Shortly after we spotted another big gar on the surface with the drone. The giant fish ate the bait right beside the boat! I fought the fish for about ten minutes before we landed it at the bank. This fish was a new personal record!! We quickly removed the hook and released the fish. Later in the day, I spotted another giant gar on the surface. Kyle wanted to catch the fish using a topwater lure. He threw the yellow lure behind the shrub where the fish sat, and within a few seconds of twitching the bait, the gar swam up and smashed it!! Unfortunately, Kyle lost the fish. We hooked a few more gar on lures and then decided to call it a day. The next morning we headed out to the mouth of the river and used a different technique, soaking baits. After a few hours, I hooked the first long-nosed gar of the trip, and shortly after another alligator gar using cut baits on the bottom. Texas was a blast, and we caught some giant fish, but the quest for a 200lb alligator gar continues!

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